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Muddy Boot Sports is a sports recruitment agency specialising in the global placement and transfer of talented sportsmen.

We have a strong and constantly growing network of players and personnel around the world. We offer an easy to use web based tool for the sports recruitment industry.

Muddy Boot Sports has a team of experts and advisers covering all areas of the World, providing professional advice for Clubs and players looking for the perfect solution to their next step in their sporting development.

We also offer a diverse range of sports orientated services, from player/Coach recruitment, video analysis, team wear, travel and club energy audits.

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Rugby Player Recruitment

We recruit players for Clubs. We analyse exactly what the Club’s needs are, and match it with suitable players, very much depending on what the player is seeking to achieve in their sporting development.

We ensure that Clubs and players of similar standard are matched, no matter where in the world they are based.

We offer players a full service, including building a full personal profile, creation of a bespoke highlights reel, obtaining written offers from interested Clubs, drafting a simple contract between Club and player, visa advice, flight booking, deal with sports governing bodies, as well as post arrival checks.

Once a deal is agreed our team administrator will be in touch with the player to ensure everything is in place. We will also be in regular contact to make the process as simple and stress free as possible.

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We provide an ongoing dialogue with Clubs and players to ensure that arrival at the destination Club happens runs smoothly and efficiently. Our experienced administration team take control to ensure that Visa advice is offered to players, sports governing bodies are contacted to deal with transfer paperwork and any pre-departure questions. We also carry out checks with both Club and players post arrival to ensure there are no problems.

A full range of cost effective services can be accessed through Muddy Boot Sports, the services include:

  • Arrange flights direct via our website;
  • Source video highlight packages for use as a coaching aid;
  • Design and purchase your new team wear;
  • Check your club energy bills are competitive, with no obligation or cost. (UK clubs Only).

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