Client satisfaction and feedback is hugely important to our company, that is why we have the following in place:

  • Experts and advisers based in strategic locations around the sporting world
  • Considered and informed placements, matching clients needs
  • Client confidentiality is a core value
  • A wide range of services offered to our clients
  • Free advice and promotion to all our clients. Only a small one off admin fee for registering


  • Do you want to test yourself at a new level?
  • Do you want to play your game in a new environment and experience a different culture?
  • Do you want to have a life changing experience through sport?

If the answer is yes, then please register with us by creating a player profile, with no cost or obligations.


We offer free advice and promotion to all our clients, there is no limit to this support.

To ensure that players who are serious about travelling and playing register, we charge a one off £15 registration fee to cover our admin costs.

This fee is payable during the registration process and can be paid by bank transfer of Paypal.

Once you have completed your online registration , our services are free for as many years as you need them.


  1. Complete your registration in the form of a Player Profile
  2. Once verified, your Profile goes live on our website and becomes available to our field experts to send to interested Clubs
  3. You will be matched to a suitable Club by our field experts, you may be contacted for further information
  4. Background checks will be made to verify authenticity of your profile and player attributes
  5. Advice is given to formalise terms between Club and player
  6. The interested Club is asked to make a conditional written offer
  7. The player agrees to the written offer and formally agrees to transfer
  8. The player release is agreed by the current Club/Union
  9. Relevant agreements are signed by all parties, binding both Club and player to the agreed terms
  10. The player will be linked to the administration team for flight booking, visa and clearance advice, any queries will also be dealt with.
  11. The administration team will ensure that you are kept informed ahead of your trip.


All payments to Muddy Boot Sports will be paid within 14 days of the invoice date.

Failure to pay the administration fees set out above and in the agreement with Muddy Boot Sports, may result in a cancellation of contract, engagement of a debt recovery specialist to recover outstanding debts and any further incurred costs, suspension of your Muddy Boot Sports account.

In the event that a player is in breach of contract with a Club, Muddy Boot Sports will support the Club to recover outstanding monies via the sports regulatory body. Muddy Boot Sports reserves the right to recover any additional fees incurred as a result of a players actions, players accept liability for these costs.