• Argentina
  • Age: 20 yrs
  • Preferred Position: Center

Passport: Argentinean passport,I meet all the necessary requirements to get the Italian passport
Contract status: Available


I seek to develop myself in the game, grow and reach the maximum that my potential allows, both in the fifteen and seven modalities, through the possibility of playing in a club at a semi-professional or professional level. I meet all the necessary requirements to obtain Italian citizenship and therefore, if the club belongs to Europe, I can obtain it in a short time. I have participated in the UER (Entre Rios Union, that belongs to UAR) team for the Argentine Youth M18 Championship, in two oportunities, when I was 17th and 18th years old. My skills are:
– Good vision and understanding of the game
– Leadership in and out of the pitch
– Great communication
– Great tackling technique
– Quick steps
– Great ability for offloads and rever pass.
– Excellent peripheral vision
– Safe hand play, with the ability to pass the ball to both sides.
– Excellent body control in the game.
– Great offensive skills, especially breaking tackles and counterattack
– Take rugby and physical preparation with professionalism

Languages level: English level A2, Italian level B1.

Preferred Destination: Italy, New Zealand, Australia, UK, Europa

What are you looking for?:
Local Employment

Current player level/most recent club and competition: first team of Paraná Rowing Club (PRC)/ Last competition: M18 Argentine Youth Championship 2019

Height (cm): 172cm

Weight (kg): 80kg

Updated 3 months ago