• Birmingham
  • Age: 20 yrs
  • Preferred Position: Second row/backrow

Passport: English
Contract status: Available


Hi there, my name is Christian bannister I’m a 19 yr old second row/backrow standing at 6”5. I’ve spent the past season at Coventry rugby training with the seniors and would be looking for a new club for next season in nat 1/2 or abroad in Spain and Italy at a semi-pro/pro level. I wondered whether you’d be able to represent me in order to help me achieve my goal in finding a club that would suit me best. I’ve played midlands level as well as representing Coventry in RAF and combined services games this season. Look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards.

Preferred Destination: Spain/Italy

What are you looking for?:

Current player level/most recent club and competition: Coventry rugby

Height (cm): 195cm

Weight (kg): 106kg

Updated 1 year ago