• Cardiff
  • Age: 23 yrs
  • Preferred Position: Flanker/ Forwards Coach

Passport: Current UK
Contract status: Available


I started off as a youth at a semi professional club, Dover Sharks, then went to a 6th form rugby academy which was affiliated with Saracens. Then i shipped off to Cardiff for University which I study Rugby Coaching and Performance Analysis. Currently coaching and playing for Llandaf north. Ive always been a second row/back row player, I see myself as a leader and someone that always talks to get the best out of fellow team mates. As a current forwards coach, I thrive off set piece and breakdown, ensuring that everything we do is 100%. I

Coaching Qualifications:

WRU Level 1
WRU Level 2

Preferred Destination: Austrailia, New Zealand, China

What are you looking for?:
Local Employment

Current player level/most recent club and competition: Division 3 Wales , London 1

Height (cm): 180cm

Weight (kg): 95kg

Updated 10 months ago