• Perth
  • Age: 25 yrs
  • Preferred Position: centre, second five, wing, fullback or Backs Coach

Passport: Australian and New Zealand
Contract status: Available


I am a hugely passionate rugby player and have played the game since i was 3 years old. I was lucky enough to make multiple local and provincial level representative teams growing up in Hawkes Bay. However, injuries at a crucial time have derailed my career. I have still managed to play 1st grade level in Perth and Proffessionally in Spain. Looking to take the next step up in my rugby playing career.


Preferred Destination: Canada and US. Otherwise Japan, France, England, Italy or South Africa

What are you looking for?:
Local Employment

Current player level/most recent club and competition: Fortescue Premiere Grade

Height (cm): 181cm

Weight (kg): 90kg

Updated 6 months ago