• NZ
  • Age: 24 yrs
  • Preferred Position: Stand Off, Centre, Wing

Passport: UK
Contract status: Available


I am a very hard working committed player who will give 110% for his team and to improve individually, I am socially easy going and enjoy a good club atmosphere also respectful of others at all times. I have played rugby since the age of 5 for various clubs moreover I’ve represented the Welsh exiles on multiple occasions and also Wiltshire and Dorset at County level. I’m currently playing New Zealand Premier level and have been selected for Southland U19 wider squad with final squad being announced on 7th of September. If I am selected I will be available after the 15th of September after the U19 tournament in Taupo NZ.

Preferred Destination: UK or Europe

What are you looking for?:
Local Employment

Current player level/most recent club and competition: NZ Premier level

Height (cm): 180cm

Weight (kg): 83kg

Updated 5 years ago