• Italia
  • Age: 28 yrs
  • Preferred Position: Back Row - Second Row

Passport: Italiano / Argentino
Contract status: Available


I am a player who really likes to participate with the ball, safe defense, I like to attack space, ball carrier, many times they leave me in the lanes close to touch to gain an advantage over the rival.
I am serious, I train very well, healthy, I adapt to the game systems and I like to learn from everyone. I help the team in the position or function that touches me
I am almost 27 years old and it is an opportunity to look for a club where I can demonstrate everything I have learned and trained for several years in the first teams, both in Argentina and Italy.

Preferred Destination: Uk, Ireland, France

What are you looking for?:

Current player level/most recent club and competition: Serie A team. Professional Player

Height (cm): 195cm

Weight (kg): 98kg

Updated 2 years ago