• Amsterdam
  • Age: 22 yrs
  • Preferred Position: Fullback

Passport: European passport(Portuguese)
Contract status: Available


Dear Rugby agency,
My name is Rui Freitas. I am a 21 year old portuguese rugby player who started
looking for opportunities abroad last season. Right now, I’m playing in the highest
competition in the Netherlands, Ereklasse, with a real chance to win the
championship. Next season I want to take a bigger step and play in a competition that
has a higher rugby level. After my first experience as a semi-professional rugby player
I am even more convinced that this is what I want to persue in my life, no matter how
hard it is.
Even though my first position is fullback, I can also play as scrum-half, fly-half and
wing. I know there may be other good players looking for opportunities like I am, but I
can assure you that the team will always be my first priority. I want to keep learning
about rugby being that the reason why I’m taking my Coach Certification and others
that may be interesting.
Down below I have my CV, which I hope you’ll find interesting!

Preferred Destination: Italy,France,England,Spain,Portugal,Scotland,Ireland,Wales,etc (Europe)

What are you looking for?:

Current player level/most recent club and competition: Eemland Rugby Club - Ereklasse ( Highest division in Netherlands)

Height (cm): 173cm

Weight (kg): 80kg

Updated 1 year ago