• Belgium
  • Age: 20 yrs
  • Preferred Position: Tighthead Prop, Loosehead Prop

Passport: Eswatini/ South African
Contract status: Available


growing up in South Africa where rugby is considered to be one of the main sports, has shown me an idea of a highly competitive environment. The highly competitive environment has helped me become a better athlete and is the reason why at just the age of 15 I was chosen to play my first rugby u18 ISST competition, but unfortunately we came third overall but it opened me up to a whole new experience and memories

Preferred Destination: UK

What are you looking for?:

Current player level/most recent club and competition: U18 level/ Celtic Rugby Club Bruxelles in the U18 D2B (Belgium Rugby)

Height (cm): 179cm

Weight (kg): 115kg

Updated 2 years ago