I’ve been playing this sport since the age of 3; all I know is rugby. I’ve played at high levels through county and formerly at the London Irish Academy but through injury and adversities with college coaches, I feel as though I haven’t been given the opportunity I believe I deserve. I’d like to prove to my college coaches and even teammates that I’m better than what I’m made out to be. I’m a strong leader by leading through my quality on the field and in team huddles. I am definitely one of the best ruck players in my age group, especially when it comes to jackling. Despite my size, I am very good at my lineout jumping.
I truly believe, if given the right shot, I’ll be able to show people something special.

Preferred Destination: Anywhere outside of the UK

What are you looking for?:
Local Employment

Current player level/most recent club and competition: county rugby - middlesex captain; high level college rugby

Height (cm): 189cm

Weight (kg): 100kg

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